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On-line test

Otestuj sa s nami:
Vyplň toľko, koľko vieš (jednu, päť alebo aj všetkých 25 viet).

  1. This is   bag.
  2. I am   student.
  3. He   playing tennis.
  4. Sarah   like sports.
  5. When   usually start work?
  6. London is   than Liverpool.
  7. I always get up   6 o´clock.
  8. Why   tell me about it?
  9. I   here since I was born.
  10. That´s John over there. He   a blue jacket.
  11.   you like some coffee? Yes, please. Black, no sugar.
  12. We are not going
  13. When I was younger I   camping a lot. But I don´t do it anymore.
  14. I met a lot of people   I was on holiday.
  15. It is still raining. It   for the past 3 hours.
  16. Let me know when you   back.
  17. My boss is very friendly and understanding. We   really well.
  18. They said they   come on time.
  19. I might go camping next weekend. It depends the weather.
  20. We didn´t play tennis yesterday. The match
  21. She told me something   I had already known.
  22. I have lost my keys. I   somewhere.
  23. "Do you find it easy to speak English all the time?" "I didn´t at first, but I
  24. Tom had an accident. I am sure if he   more carefully, it wouldn´t have happened.
  25. It was so difficult. Thanks for help. I   without you.

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